Events and Training

Covid update

Currently all training is being adapted for online as well as face-to-face delivery, though no face-to-face venues are currently booked for future dates.

Training on the new programme Difficult Conversations is in development, the first iteration being available at the end of March 2021.

To talk about in-house or future public courses, from Difficult Conversations to introductory or advanced facilitation or conflict resolution courses please contact us here

Some examples of courses we have run previously are below.



2 Day Course, Designing Participative Processes and Events

13&14 October, 2014, Engineers House, Bristol

Have you ever felt that its easy to pick up facilitation “techniques”, and
individual exercises from training and the many toolkits out there, yet there is
little help available as to how to put them together into a cohesive,
successful whole?  And how do you reality-check a process that looks fine

on paper… This course will show you the principles of good process design
and allow you the time and space to put your learning into practice on your
own, or someone else’s, live project.
You will leave with the knowledge and strategic planning skills needed to
help you design an effective process. It will help you work with the right
people, using appropriate engagement methods for positive and sustainable
change.The skills you learn will be immediately useful, not only in large
set-piece projects and events, but helping you create more effective everyday organisational meetings and processes.

Designing Participative Processes and Events Oct14

Booking Form – Process Design 13 14 Oct 14


At MadeToLast we love training.  It is hugely participative (walking the talk… of course) and is more like facilitated learning.  We create the final training plan based on the needs of those attending, and throughout the course respond to the interests of participants.

Within a solid training plan we encourage the group to input their own experiences and expertise, guided by the trainer who keeps the process on track.  The trainer will have a whole load of skills, techniques, theory and science at their fingertips to input when and where necessary.    That may be the latest research on neural pathways, or the theoretical underpinnings of complexity theory… (if you really want it…!).

Many of the leadership skills you will learn, whilst invaluable with the board, senior management team or when working with diverse stakeholders, are equally of use in the home and with challenging teenagers and common domestic or community wrangles.

Our training courses are also useful as a space for people to make new contacts and friendships and ideally cohort groups will stay in touch, supporting each other in small ways and helping to build a resilient, connected community.