Conversations, Resilience, Change – Helping you plan for your best possible future.

Planning positive responses to shock, trauma, uncertainty and environmental factors like flooding and pandemic depends on people.  At MadeToLast Resilience we help people have effective, difficult conversations which help them plan practically and emotionally for their best possible futures.

  • Resilience:  Creating shock-ready teams and neighbourhoods – working within organisations,  communities and across sectors – from supply chains to neighbourhoods.  See here for the new Post lockdown Back To Work series.
  • Strategy: Helping leadership teams and individuals to plan and respond effectively, taking whole teams with them.
  • Innovation:  developing:
    • demonstration projects, such as the game What’s In Your Box?
    • research and training, for example  with Bristol University on Difficult Conversations – working with Social Workers, parents, carers and care-experienced young people to develop training to allow chidren to have very difficult conversations to happen outside a clinical setting with prepared and trusted adults, able to hold a safe space.
    • speaking and workshops – telling success stories and spreading good practice, from sector-wide conferences to staff teams.

To discuss any of the above please contact Alison Crowther.