Why we do it

MadeToLast is a resilience organisation which works in a collaborative way to spark, inspire and create resilience and sustainable change in organisations and communities.

MadeToLast believes that if we manage ourselves and those around us in a more collaborative, curious and open way we will succeed in finding the best in others and sustainable solutions.

Climate change, longterm economic austerity, and an aging population all present complex challenges to longheld governance and business practices and norms.  By telling different stories about what actually makes us happy and contented we can begin to focus our resources and leadership styles on what really matters.

We help you create the best environments for your staff and deliver what stakeholders, collaborators and the public want and need, even in situations of conflict and stress.   Visionary and effective long term planning with the creative and structured input of all relevant parties can help us plan for crisis and avoid huge costs later – be they be through accident, enforced change, resource scarcity or changes in public attitudes.

MadeToLast brings together people with the skills in leadership to help business, public sector organisations, communities, and importantly, the individuals within them, to be resilient to the increased vulnerabilities of a shifting environmental, social, political and economic landscape.