Difficult Environmental Conversations in Difficult Times

One of the conferences I’ve spoken at recently is Communicate 2020 (Online), a specialist conference for nature and environment communicators –  from the BBC Wildlife Unit to universities, WWF, the Wildlife Trusts, Zoos, and every conservation group you can imagine.  Its one of my favourite conferences of the year, often at Bristol Zoo Gardens, put on by the wonderful team at Bristol Natural History Consortium.

This year I was delighted to hear that, according to participant feedback, my talk was one of the top five at the event – against stiff competition from the likes of the great Jonathan Porritt and Juliet Davenport CEO of Good Energy. 

Given its popularity I have decided to share the slides.  Granted, its not nearly the same as being there, but gives an idea of the kinds things I cover and are important to consider when communicating about environmental and other sensitive or “bad news” issues.  If you think it hardly bears any resemblence to “communications” as PR, you’re right.  It starts in a totally different place.  Just as mediation starts in a totally different place to argument.  This is where we need to be in the complex and uncertain times we are living through – full of empathy, listening and understanding before honestly having a chat.

I am hugely impressed with your talk – your thoughts should be put in the national curriculum so everyone knows this. – participant feedback

If these slides pique your interest do get in touch.  I’m currently writing training for Social Workers (out March 31st) and planning training for environmental communicators.  If you wish to input a topic for consideration or a case study I’d love to hear about it.

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