Welcome to MadeToLast!

Welcome to MadeToLast – Conversations, Resilience, Change.

[originally written just before taking a few years off to adopt and raise a child – so please forgive the gap… !]

This different kind of “professional” organisation, one which speaks in a way people understand, concentrates on what people really do, (not what they hope, say or think they do) and above all helps you make the kinds of decisions your whole team, business, community and the planet will be happy with for years to come.

We look at whole systems, ask the right questions, and help you make physical and mental interventions which enable you to have projects, organisations and communities which are Made To Last.

Conversations – we can help individuals and organisaitons have the conversations that are difficult, but need to be had in this quickly changing world.

Resilience – we can help organisations and communities link strongly together to become resilient to all kinds of shocks and stresses – environmental, health, flood…. using the assets of all to create strong safety nets.

Change – we help staff, supply chains, communities and families think about difficult issues then turn their own feet so that they can take their own steps towards change.  So much easier than imposing change which is then fought against.